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  • Time to celebrate our food, music and dance

    Thank God summer has arrived in London and it's getting warmer. Colours are flying in the air and people are looking happier, parks are full with kids and girls look prettier too. Folks, it's festive season again and time to celebrate. For Indians it's just like being home and looking forward to our first summer festival in Regents Park.

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    By Das Sreedharan  |   21st July 2013 12:00 AM
  • Time to Celebrate Our Food, Music & Dance

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  • So you think running a restaurant is easy?

    The restaurant arena changed dramatically when Hollywood stepped into a fashion parade of opening a new series of restaurants in 1991, showcasing stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Arnold Schwarzenegger who were endorsing the star-studded chain. Planet Hollywood was the brainchild of Bryan Kestner who created the idea of Hard Rock Cafe and tried to create the same business model for customers listening to rock music and seeing Hollywood memorabilia.

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    By Das Sreedharan  |   07th July 2013 12:00 AM
  • The little chef who thinks with his heart

    The most fascinating aspect about a restaurant is the variety of people who pass through it on a daily basis and the many conversations they share and then leave behind empty tables and chairs after a meal.

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  • Reciprocate respect of those who serve

    As the morning sun entered my little window and gently touched my eyes, I couldn't help looking up and noticing a bending branch of our mango tree holding a whole bunch of sparkling green mangoes.

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  • The time factor! A food revelation

    cientists at the Imperial College of London did a research and came up with seven Golden Rules to transform life for better; they say you will live longer with an imaginative lifestyle and healthy diet.

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  • In praise of food that comes from the heart

    The 1990s was a beautiful time in London.
    The recession of the 1980s was coming to an end and hunger for success was everywhere. I chose this period to start my little food business on Stoke Newington's Church Street, in north-east London. Despite cautious words from friends and market gurus, I decided this was my time.

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  • Secret Diner review: Rasa, 27 Queen Street, Newcastle

    WHEN Das Sreedharan opened his first vegetarian restaurant in Stoke Newington, a downmarket part of north London, he single handedly transformed Indian cooking in the capital. It's still said to be Jamie Oliver's favourite curry house.

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  • In defence of the world of vegetarians

    In a meeting with the chairman of the Vegetarian Congress at our new Bangalore restaurant Rasa India, I had time to reflect on reasons why our first Rasa is vegetarian and the colour pink! A devout follower and advocate of vegetarianism, Raghav had much to say about why people shouldn't eat meat at all. Like a child I peeped through the window, searching for my first customer for the evening, stewing with the anxiety of starting a new business in India. Actually his arrival cheered me up, even after our meeting and mutual appreciation, I kept on thinking and going back to those years and moments when I chose vegetarianism.

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    By Das Sreedharan  |   Published: 01st September 2013 12:00 AM
  • Bangalore gets a taste of London's celebrated Indian food chain Rasa, starting today

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  • Das the true story!

    Das Sreedharan is one person whom you must meet, even if it's at the cost of meeting Sachin Tendulkar! A 'run' machine of a different kind, Das, now three short of a 50, was born in a village, in God's Own Country. His grandfather and father ran a chayakkada (small teashop) and that's were he saw the united colours of bonding. He picked up early lessons of happiness and sharing, from the villagers who frequented the teashop. The period: 1970.

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    By Anantha Krishnan M - BANGALORE  |   21st August 2013 10:28 AM
  • Battle that boredom, fear and frustration

    Another table talk. At least one of the following three emotions—fear, frustration and boredom—is evident in people today. Just like any community with nonstop work and less time for themselves, our workforce also has diabolical emotional issues which make them vulnerable. Lest folktales continue in circles, it's hard to understand the legibility of people's lifestyle or prescribe a remedy.

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    By Das Sreedharan  |   Published: 18th August 2013 12:00 AM
  • Chef Rose, the angel of Hammersmith

    Often people ask questions about life and work, especially about the one who inspires drive and fascination. I was asked this repeatedly by customers and friends alike. In the past, just like any other teenager, successful people fascinated me. As the train of life approached food junction, I got off and walked a long way.

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    By Das Sreedharan  |   04th August 2013 12:00 AM